sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

Aplicação para tripulantes que pode ajudar a TAKE C'AIR

What is it?
A smartphone app to find restaurants, bars, things-to-do and more at your destination and get discount in most cases.

For who is it?
Airline crew and staff visiting various cities around the world.
Restaurants, bars and more who want to reach Airline staff.

How does it work?
Find Restaurants, Nightlife and Leisure offline via your location, map or a manual search. Easily sorted by city and category.

Airline Staff
Everybody can download and install the app, but only if you are working at an airline company you can see the airline staff discount.

Through this app airline staff can also rate companies and via the CrewTips Twitter (@CrewTips) and Facebook account they can communicate about their experiences.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates about the App.


Because we care about the less fortunate in our society we donate a fair part of the revenues from CrewTips to the following airline charitable organizations:

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